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Contested VS uncontested divorce

Divorce is an unfortunate ending of a marriage relationship. But when a relationship doesn’t work, it is better to get separated and walk in your own ways. But as marriage is a social institution, many factors are related to it. You can’t just away from the marital relationship and start your new life ahead. You have to be separated from your spouse in a legal way through divorce. Getting divorce in PA is not as easy as it sounds. Mutual agreement is the most important part of a peaceful divorcing procedure. Divorce law is different in different places. The basic procedure of the divorce can be categorized in two ways: the contested divorce and the uncontested divorce.

What is contested divorce?

The contested divorce procedure is complex. When two people who want the divorce, can’t come to a mutual understanding regarding different issues of divorce, it is called contested divorce. The contested divorce requires a lot of time to resolve. Today most of the divorce cases are contested. When two people have the different outlook and different perception about the things, they can’t agree on the same term. Moreover, most of the divorce nowadays are taking place for the extramarital affair, household violence, job placement, etc. so many issues. In these type of cases, the party who has suffered most in the relationship want compensation. Legally the male or female can be ordered to by the alimony according to the order of the court. Things get worst when child custody, property distribution, financial obligations, etc. come in the way of the divorce. These things make divorce complicated and people take time to solve these matter with their spouse. A divorce lawyer is hired to look over these divorce case. The both party and the single party who want to take divorce may create complication in this cases and can make the issue seriously. However, lots of money, time and efforts need to put on the contested divorce.

What is the uncontested divorce?

When two people take divorce with mutual understanding and handling all the things maturely, it is called the uncontested divorce. Unlike the contested divorce, it takes less time to resolve. Both of the party deal the divorce with maturity. The major benefit of this type of divorce case is, the parties don’t have to be appeared on the court to make the settlement. It also takes a little time to settle. People can avoid the confliction with easy settlement in this type of divorce cases. When the couples don’t have many assets, children or they can afford their lifestyle alone, the uncontested divorce is the best way to end the relationship. People who want the peaceful settlement, go for this type of divorce settlement.